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We’ve been polishing metal parts for a few years now using conventional polishing methods which involve surface preparation and then buffing and finishing, although this system is sufficient for most polishing jobs we `ve always felt that some jobs required more than the usual finish and perhaps more could be done to improve the current standard of finish.

An other issue with metal polishing is the irregular and awkward shaped parts which can prove to be a challenge and in some cases impossible to reach all nooks and crannies, using our high gloss polishing system we can overcome these issues and ensure a great result for our customers.
Powdercoating doesnt match the superior looks of our High gloss polish which can sometimes be mistaken for CHrome !!!

Even better still this finish DOES NOT require lacquer to dull it or to flake off in a few months Yep thatst right. NO Lacquer and still remains resistant to general corrosion. This finish is 20 times more resistant to corrostion than hand polished alluminium finish!

We use a process which takes a minimum of 20 hours per wheel and very expencive equipement to achieve the finish seen in the photos, do NOT be mistaken you will never be able to replicate and achieve our finish without the experience and equipment used by ourselves even if you polished a wheel for a month by hand it would never come close to this !!!
How does it work ?
You ship or deliver your wheels to us.
We polish your wheels and returned them to you.

How long does it take?
An average time is 4-10 days

How much does it cost?
Prices start at £75 per wheel for wheels up to 16" Inch in Diameter.
£80 for wheels up to 19"
£90 for wheels up 21"
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